URGENT: Bill O’Reilly’s Condition Listed As ‘Critical’ After Attack, Please Pray

On Saturday, another “tolerant” liberal showed his true colors when he assaulted popular former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly at the D.C. “Mother of All Rallies.”

Mr. O’Reilly was rushed to St. Helga’s Memorial Hospital where it was initially thought he would make a full recovery, but things took a turn for the worse when doctors “discovered severe internal bleeding,” Breitbart reports.

O’Reilly slipped in and out of consciousness for a few hours, then “stayed out” says one of the medical staff who discussed the situation with TheBlaze on condition of anonymity.
O’Reilly’s condition has been changed to “critical” following the new developments.

O’Reilly was attacked from behind by an unknown man shortly after arriving to cover the rally. The man threw “numerous punches” and kicked O’Reilly multiple times in the ribs while screaming racist slurs like “whitey” and “cracker.”

Police describe the suspect as a “tall African-American man who was wearing a navy hoodie and sagging blue jeans” and beg anyone who has information to call their tipline for this attack at (716) 246-4824.

Source: thelastlineofdefense.org