UPDATE: SCOTUS Shoots Down 9Th Circuit Court’s Sharia Law Ruling ‘With Prejudice’

When the uber-liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals decided late last night to allow tenets of Sharia and other religious laws to rule over our own where immigrants are concerned, the Supreme Court came immediately to life. Clerk pro tempore’ Lester Keenan instructed clerks from all nine benches to begin briefs so the matter could be resolved as quickly as possible.

The White House Council’s Office also filed an Amicus Brief to aid in expediting the case. When the court gaveled in just after 10 AM, it was as though the case had been prepared for months. The arguments took less than an hour and the decision took less time than that. In a unanimous ruling, Chief Justice Roberts wrote:

The decision of the lower court to allow a clearly unconstitutional ruling to become precedent in this country even for a moment sets a dangerous bar. This court will not tolerate any further deployment of religious law of any kind in this country. This case is not simply overturned, it is dismissed with prejudice.

In legal terms, “with prejudice” means it can never be brought before the court in its current form. What the nine Justices did today was exactly what they were supposed to. Even the liberals on the court agreed that it went way too far. Justice Ginsberg wrote:

The United States Constitution does not allow for religion to be present in our laws, nor does it allow our laws to dictate our religion. Hopefully our counterparts, who we ruled with today, will remember this ruling the next time a ‘religious freedom’ bill that allows discrimination based on religion to become law in ignorant states.”

Poor Ginsberg. She’s gone all delusional again. At least she pulled the right lever before she went off the deep end completely.