UPDATE: Pittsburgh Cop Fired For Refusing To Work Steelers Games Sues

Two months ago, the Pittsburgh Police Department fired a police officer who refused to respond to calls at Heinz Field after the Steelers stayed in the locker room during the National Anthem, disrespecting everyone who puts on a uniform in the United States.

Daniel Hall was placed on administrative leave for six weeks and left to wonder about his future until he was ultimately fired by Police Chief Bartholomew Curlish.

Now, on Friday Hall, who served two tours in Iraq, filed a civil lawsuit against the city of Pittsburgh alleging that his rights were violated because of his political beliefs.

Hall is seeking $380,000 in damages as well as ten years income plus legal fees in his massive lawsuit against the city, and legal experts say that he might win.

“As a veteran, he had every legal right to object to going someplace where is not welcome,” Professor R.A. Louis of Dartmouth told Breitbart. “He was fired for political reasons, and there are protections in place to help with that sort of thing. It will be a lengthy legal battle if the city doesn’t settle, and he will likely prevail in the end.”

It’s good to see someone standing up to the liberal hysteria. Good job and God Bless Officer Hall!