UPDATE: Green Bay Replaces Injured Aaron Rodgers With A National Disgrace

As you’ve probably heard, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers – one of the most talented in the league – was injured Sunday after Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr broke his collarbone with a hit that should have been, but was not, flagged for unnecessary roughness.

Caving to pressure from liberals to hire their hero Colin Kaepernick (who is currently suing NFL owners for “colluding” against him), the Packers filled the gaping hole in their lineup with a big black d*ckhead. ESPN reports:

It may have seemed that Kaepernick would never get hired, but in a surprise move the Packers scooped him up to fill Rodgers’ slot, as it is unclear if the star quarterback will be returning this season.

This move should please Kaepernick’s supporters, many of whom feel he was unfairly denied a job because he knelt for the National Anthem – an act even more people find disgusting.
In response to this decision to further politicize football, Packers fans are angrily

Whether you are fan of the decision or not, Kaepernick will be the Packers’ starting quarterback on Sunday.