UPDATE: Bill Clinton’s Mistress From The 90s: He Told Me Where They Buried The Bodies

Annmarie Skokie, a known mistress of Bill Clinton’s from the 1990’s has come forward to reveal that she has inside information on where Bill and Hillary Clinton hid the bodies from the rise of their political empire. According to our source inside the US Marshal’s office, Skokie is being treated as a high-risk asset and has been “quarantined” from the public.

Marshal Forrest Tucker told LLOD correspondent Art Tubolls:

“The Justice Department is looking into the legalities of paying Ms. Skokie the asking price for her information. She does seem to understand just how her life is about to change. She will need to look over her shoulder the rest of her life.”

Skokie is asking for $5 million for her information and a new identity. The Marshals, who only switch an identity for witness protection, are working towards an “amicable solution” to the legal problems involved. If the information doesn’t pan out, they won’t be obligated to pay and Skokie will still need protection from the Clinton murder machine.

Skokie says the night Clinton confessed and told her where the bodies go he was extremely drunk and on a three-day cocaine bender. Several news and gossip outlets have offered her more than twice what she’s asking, but she says she needs the security of a new identity provided by the US government to feel comfortable, otherwise the information dies with her.