Trump Wins Strong Praise from Black Leadership Group for Key Accomplishment

During the first nine months of Donald Trump’s presidency, liberals have tried hard to push the narrative that he’s a threat to minority populations. According to them, Trump’s policies have undertones of racial animosity, and are mostly designed to help the white population.

Of course, liberals have had some strong allies to help push this narrative. While the group “Black Lives Matter” was initially a response to perceived police injustices, their cause has broadened in recent months to all-out opposition to President Trump. With the help of BLM, liberals have been successful in convincing many minorities that Trump’s presidency is bad for them.

However, not everyone is buying the narrative that Trump is a threat to minorities. In fact, one prominent minority group recently praised Trump’s economic accomplishments as being beneficial to the black community.

From the National Center for Public Policy Research:

Recently released unemployment statistics showing black unemployment at a 17-year low are being applauded by members of the Project 21 black leadership network as a triumph of the “commonsense” policies and economic confidence brought about by the Trump Administration.

“Commonsense measures to reduce regulation are a major step in improving American economic conditions,” said Project 21 Co-Chairman Horace Cooper, a former leadership aide on Capitol Hill. “Once Congress steps up to reduce taxes and repeal Obamacare, the markets and the economy will skyrocket – taking such good fortunes to black America and the rest of the nation.”

In its most recent report on employment statistics, the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics set black unemployment for September 2017 at 7.0 percent – down from 8.3 percent a year ago. It is down from a modern high of 16.8 percent in March 2010.

Cooper also pointed out that the good news has received little media coverage:

“With the black unemployment rate falling to its lowest point since April 2000, and considering the persistently high levels of double-digit employment that existed during most of the previous administration, this news should really be garnering more attention,”
According to Cooper, Trump’s policies should give the black community renewed optimism:

“This should be a source of economic optimism because the job market is expanding and improving overall – particularly among American blacks who were hit hard during the sluggish, so-called economic ‘recovery’ touted by our previous president. It bears remembering that the black unemployment rate at that point had skyrocketed. It was at or near 15 percent on nine occasions, and near or above 16 percent 24 other times. While still too high for my liking at seven percent, the black unemployment rate has significantly improved since the days of double digits.”
No doubt, liberal economic policies often backfire most on the populations they claim to champion. For proof, look no further than the city of Detroit, which has been run by Democrats for over half a century. Meanwhile, conservative reforms to the economy have produced meaningful results, especially for the black community.

Nevertheless, liberals continue to push the narrative that Trump doesn’t have the best interest of minorities in mind. As is usually the case, the reality couldn’t be any further from the truth.