Trump Supporters Hold “MOAR” For Political Peace And Unity

Ever since President Trump took the office the liberal media are constantly attacking and undermining him. They present his supporters as hateful racists, but what happened now shows that the information spread by the media is nothing else but lies. The real situation is, in fact, opposite, and that’s already proven especially today when thousands of supporters of President Trump gathered at the national mall, just to spread the message of political peace referred as the “Mother of All Rallies.”

Despite liberal’s attempts to present Trump supporters as “white supremacists”, the gathering showed that people from different races, backgrounds, and religions support the President and want to spread the message of peace.

It isn’t surprising that the media didn’t cover the peaceful rally because it will put them at risk as they try to present Trump and his supporters as “demons”. Showing the rally will only prove that the President supporters are just human, who are aware that the President is doing a great job and makes an effort to make America great again.

Hope that the audience won’t fall for liberal lies anymore.

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