Trey Gowdy Makes Unbelievable Realization About Las Vegas Shooting

Ater the deadly shooting in Vegas, people are starting to suspect that there was more than one person involved. While Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrats are calling to ban ‘silencers’, even though silencers weren’t even used during the shooting, Trey Gowdy is focused on read issues.

“It’s an incredible level of premeditation that you don’t ordinarily see. And it is difficult to believe that a single person could have done this without detection. And so, I hope that what comes out of this is people – you know, lots of crime is prevented because a non-law enforcement officer says something,” said Gowdy in an interview on Fox News.

“The weapons and whether or not it was altered to become fully automatic and the premeditation of picking a certain hotel room. I think we’re going to find someone along the way was suspicious they should have turned that suspicion into a phone call to law enforcement,” said Gowdy.

“It’s an incredible amount of premeditation to not go detected,” said Gowdy.

Do you think that the shooter Stephen Paddock did this all by himself? Or did he get help? More will be discovered as the days go on. Check out the video below.