Trey Gowdy Goes All Out In Brutal Rant Against Comey After New Revelation In Hillary Investigation

More and more information has been discover indicating that Comey’s tampered with the Hillary investigation. Comey had drafted a letter deciding not to charge Hillary before he even interviewed her. Trey Gowdy was not happy with this.

“We are going to talk to his present and former colleagues. May the 2nd is when these memos, these heavily-redacted memos appear, where they are discussing, internally, whether or not to make a charging decision. It’s a month and a half later before he announces his decision, in early July. So, you’ve got — that’s two months, two months, from May the 2nd until July the 5th,” said Gowdy.

“There were two dozen witness interviews in that time period. So, if you’re discussing whether or not to charge someone in early May, and you haven’t interviewed two dozen witnesses, including one named Clinton, John Ratcliffe (R-TX) asked exactly the right question. I’m just not sure that Director Comey gave him an accurate answer,” said Gowdy.

Gowdy also said that Comey “made a lot of decisions in 2016 that I think are worth reviewing. … Congress should look at this decision not to charge, and whether or not it was made before you interviewed two dozen witnesses, including the target of the investigation. We need to talk to him again,” said Gowdy.

Do you think he’s right? Check out the interview below.