Tomi Lahren Shared Harsh Truth About Libs Who Attacked Trump During The Emmys

It’s no secret that Hollywood celebrities didn’t like the fact that Donald Trump won the presidential election. They even formed their own liberal agenda, and are using every opportunity to attack the president, whit perfect example of this being last night’s Emmy Awards show. That is why Tomi Lahren decided to rub the truth in their face.

Seeing how they still stand with Hilary Clinton and think she was the better candidate, after all, Lahren’s tweet came as a painful blow when she slammed them with the reality. This tweet is going viral

Her tweet was a reminder that even though the liberal snowflakes of Hollywood are famous, they should know the place for politics and the stage of the Emmys awards clearly isn’t. They are so hooked on the idea of having power they forget what is right from wrong.

Hopefully, Lahren and other conservatives will bring them back to reality.