Stocks Close at Record High on 1-Year Anniversary of Trump’s Election

Business is booming ever since Trump set foot in the Oval Office.

It’s no news that our leader is doing great things for this country.

And one year after Trump came up victorious over Hillary Clinton, three major stock market indices set a new all-time milestone.

According to Marketwatch, the Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 6 points to 23,563; the S&P 500 rose 3 points to 2,594, while the Nasdaq Composite Index added 21 points to 6,789. This came as a surprise to many when the Dow gained 29 percent in value since Trump became president, while the S&P slingshotted its way up by 22 percent and the Nasdaq improved by 31 percent.

“No one thought that one year from the election the Dow would be up 28-and-a-half percent and 70 record finishes,” FBN reporter Lauren Simonetti stated. She added, “This is the best first year for any president in 72 years.” No one ever believed that this will happen. Simonetti said, “We’re talking about a stock market that has added $5.4 trillion in value in just the past year, and guess what, we have not seen tax reform (yet).”

In the last 17 years, this is the year where consumers are the most confident, according to USA Today.
Vice President Mike Pence praised the achievements of Trump’s government, including the stock market’s incredible growth, in an op-ed for USA Today on Wednesday. Pence addressed the sudden rise in the market, “Thanks to the president’s leadership, the American economy is roaring.” He added, “Businesses have created nearly 1.5 million new jobs.”

America is a great place to live in especially when you take into considerating that we are experiencing the lowest unemployment rate since Dec. 2000 at 4.1 percent.

Pence noted, “The stock market is setting records.” He added, “creating nearly $5 trillion in wealth for the pension, retirement, and savings of the American people. And after eight years of lackluster growth, the economy has already expanded by at least 3% for two quarters in a row.”

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