SPECIAL REPORT : Malia Obama Among 10 Arrested In Racist Antifa Attack …

You probably heard that 10 Antifa terrorists were arrested in Cambridge, Massachusetts after they attacked an elderly white woman who was doing nothing but coming out of her local Catholic church.

All of the men and women arrested are students at Harvard, and there is a pretty surprising name on the list police just released.

According to Cambridge Sheriff Errol Riggs, those arrested in the incident are:

Freshman Shelly Bigsby
Sophomore Dominique Hanes
Freshman Marcus Baxter
Junior Daequan Brownstein
Sophomore Esoterica Jackson
Freshman Malia Obama
Freshman Terrance Little
Sophomore Bianca Gomez
Senior Laquisha Terres-Miller
One name is withheld because the student is a minor.

Witnesses claim that one of the attackers shouted “[expletive deleted] Donald Trump!” while another got in their victim’s face after they beat her bloody and screamed “that’s what you get for being white, you [expletive deleted]!”

It is unclear if Malia Obama is one of the attackers quoted by witnesses, but she is in a whole mess of trouble nonetheless.

It has long been speculated that the Obama family is racist against whites and this proves it. What Malia Obama got busted doing today is every bit as bad as getting arrested for violence at a KKK rally. So much for the Obama’s not being racist.

All of the students have been charged with malicious wounding, assault and battery, and gang violence. According to federal prosecutor Charles Stanley, “a hate crime modifier is not out of the question.”