‘Something Stinks’, Hannity Points Out What’s Suspicious About Las Vegas Shooting Media Coverage

Fox News host Sean Hannity was recently joined by new network hire Tomi Lahren to discuss the Las Vegas shooting attack that claimed 58 victims’ lives. However, they ended up having more to say about the aftermath of the shooting and what is strange about the mainstream media’s response to it.

They first addressed how liberals have been attempting to politicize the tragedy by having gun control laws passed before we can have a rational discussion about it. Tomi mentioned about them, “To those out there that want to lecture us on gun sense, gun safety,” a person who is “hellbent on murdering thousands of people” would probably not be concerned with laws. Concurred Sean, “If you have evil intentions in your heart, you’re gonna find a way.”

Added Tomi, “Criminals, terrorists, psychos – they don’t obey our laws. They don’t care about your gun control. When you have a gun free zone, you are neutering everyone there.”

Then Lahren floated a provocative question, asking, “Here’s my question though. Why are we spending all of this time—not us, but others in the news and others in the celebrity sphere—why are they spending so much time analyzing what kind of guns he used, how many he had?”

She continued, “I want to know more about him and more about his girlfriend. I want to know about the victims and their families.” Asked Hannity, “Don’t you find there is something off here? Really off?” Agreed Tomi, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” She went on, “Usually in situations like this you know everything about the person. Every Facebook page they’ve ever been on, everyone they’ve ever known, and all of a sudden, all we’re talking about is the weapons he used and the firearms? No, something stinks.” Do you think Hannity and Lahren are right? Watch below: