SMACK DOWN: Huckabee Sanders SCORCHES Sen. Corker on LIVE TV

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders unloaded on GOP Senator Bob Corker on Tuesday, calling out the prominent Trump-critic for “grandstanding on TV” while the President achieved “historic” wins for the American people.

Sanders was fielding questions from reporters at the daily White House press briefing when she was asked to weigh-in on Senator Bob Corker’s recent attacks on the President.

“You talk about issues like healthcare or, for example, tax reform that have not yet been completed on Capitol Hill,” said one journalist. “The lack of support from somebody like Bob Corker might make that more difficult. Given that, does the President feel like he’s winning?”

“I think he feels like America’s winning. If you look at some of the progress that’s taken place in the first nine months despite the fact that the Congress has done very little up until this point,” said Sanders. “The President has gotten rid of nearly 1,000 regulations that have paved the way for a massive job creation and job growth in this country.”

“Those are things that people actually care about. We’re looking at the defeat of ISIS, something that this President has led on and led coalition forces to help do,” she added.

“These are historic moments that he’s done without Congress. Imagine how incredible and how many good things we would be doing if people like Senator Bob Corker got on board and started doing their job instead of doing so much grandstanding on TV?” she asked.

Watch Huckabee Sanders take on Sen. Corker above.