Sheriff Clarke Destroyed the NFL Only with 1 Tweet…It’s Viral

Sheriff David Clarke, who is now a former Milwaukee law servant, had just about enough from the NFL and their protest. For that reason he decided to address the matter adequately, sending a direct message to the League and players.

As he explained, it is almost ridiculous to have the NFL spit it out for players on how to behave when the national anthem is playing. As he said, this was something he ‘learned in grade school’.
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, with a help from the head of the NFL Players Association, decided to gather the owners at a meeting on Oct.17-18 in New York. the meeting will serve to determine taking future steps about the league.

Sheriff Clarke tweeted, “NFL having to write out how players conduct themselves during the anthem is HILARIOUS. I learned how to honor the flag in GRADE SCHOOL” #MAGA

Many stood in support of Clarke, understanding his viewpoint clearly.

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Clarke’s comments came after Roger Goodell issued a statement on Tuesday noting the league supports only those who stand during the anthem.

On Wednesday, this provoked rage among NFL player, especially after they were told they will no longer be allowed to kneel or sit through the anthem.

The NFL has been struggling with low ticket sale profits and viewers’ ratings.
Everything the NFL now does is simply another kick in the country’s stomach. We hope these owners will smarten up and come up with a decent plan on how to deal with hateful protesters in the League.