Sean Hannity Eviscerates Anti-2nd Amendment Liberals Using The Shooting In A Passionate Rant

Sean Hannity finally said what we are all thinking about liberals who using the Vegas tragedy to attack the 2nd Amendment.

“And tonight, some are even calling for the shredding of the constitution and the eradicating or our Second Amendment and our right to keep and to bear arms. Now, take a look at this headline from the so-called conservative New York Times writer Bret Stephens who is also a contributor over at that conspiracy so-called news network, MSNBC, Quote, “Repeal the Second Amendment,”” said Hannity.

“If people like Michael Moore, Brett Stevens, you really believe in repealing the Second Amendment, here’s a simple question I need you to answer. God forbid for anybody, someone breaks into your home. Well, you have your family, your wife, your children. Would you want a gun?” asked Hannity.

“Would you want to have been trained in the use of a firearm and its safety to protect your wife and family? Now, what Brett Stevens is doing is shameful. He’s using this massacre here in Vegas to push a liberal agenda. One that is not constitutional. And it’s pretty obvious at this point that he’s only pretending to be a conservative,” said Hannity.

“Now, these Hollywood liberals like Moore such huge hypocrite when it comes to the issue. How many live in those gated communities? How many can afford private security? How may buy the best and most expensive security systems but yet they would disarm law-abiding citizens who can only rely on themselves to protect their families?” asked Hannity. Do you think he’s right? Check out the video below.