Sanders Had The Perfect Response To Reporter Who Rudely Interrupted Her

Sarah Sanders, the White House spokesperson, had hard responses on Friday when reporters attacked her with questions about Trump’s decision to end DACA program.

A reporter asked her if she can say for sure that no one in DACA program will be deported by the Trump administration in the next six months.

“I would imagine unless there was some sort of criminal activity, I think that would change the situation,” Sanders responded.

And the reporter rudely interrupted her, “Why can’t you definitively say that no DACA recipients will be deported?”

“Well, I was about to if you would let me finish my sentence,” she said. “I was going to say that outside of circumstances where there may be criminal activity…the president has been clear that that’s not something that would take place or change over the six-month period.”

But the reporter was pushy and asked more questions regarding DACA recipients, and Sanders had the perfect response to that:

“The goal is that Congress makes a permanent fix, and that Congress actually does their job, and that we have responsible immigration reform that takes place over these six months, and those individuals won’t be affected because they actually stepped up and did what they were asked to do by the American people.”

Here is the video.