Protesting NFL Player Raised Fist During Anthem, He Won’t Be Playing Football Anytime Soon

The racist protesting players are learning the hard way that their actions have consequences. They’ve offended their fans by disrespecting America and the flag.

Because they infuriated the fans, the patriots formed a widespread boycott, which resulted in NFL losing millions of dollars. The viewership decreased, companies pulled their advertisement, people canceled their season ticket, and now President Trump is pushing for NFL to lose it’s $1.1 billion dollars in government grants.

Also as a result of the fans displeasure the Cowboys owner Jerry Jones took a stand and banned his players from protesting the anthem.

But Damontre Moore decided to disobey Jones instructions and did the Black Power Salute by raising his fist during the anthem. So, Moore was terminated from his job.

At this point, every decision a player makes about political expression is a football decision as well. When the fans are leaving everything falls apart after them.

Jerry Jones was clear in his instruction that he will not tolerate such disrespect, so it’s not a shock that Moore was terminated. The team announced on Wednesday that Mike Nugent will be replacing him.

Jones recently stated that he believes the protests are hurting NFL and that every owner should do something about it.

After Jones statement, that players should stand for the anthem or be benched, no Cowboys player sat or knelt during the anthem, Moore and one other player continued to disrespect the national anthem by doing the Black Power Salute, after Jones gathered the team and explained his feeling on the issue.

The team coach, Jason Garrett said the problem of cutting Moore was strictly a professional decision. “We had to make a roster move and we just felt like the best decision for our team was to release Damontre Moore,” said Garrett during an interview with Pro Football Talk.

When asked if the decision to fire Moore was influenced by his anthem protests by raising his fist, Garret just said “No.” After all, can’t say it was due to legal reasons, but we all know the right reason. This kind of behavior will not be accepted by the people who love America and respect the women and men fighting for our freedom. We care much more for the soldiers than some spoiled millionaire athletes.

Personally, I support people protesting, fighting for the cause they believe in, but there is a time and place for that. People turn on the game to have fun and spend quality time with their family and not to be forced to watch the players disrespect the flag.

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