[PHOTOS] Trump’s Official Portrait Just Released And Everyone Spots One MAJOR Difference From Obama’s

After ten months in office Donald Trump’s official portrait has been released and hung over in 7,000 Agencies and office buildings around the United States. Usually, the presidential portrait is first order of business.

However, Trump’s portrait wasn’t a priority. That is showing disrespect in a high regard. And now when the portrait was finally released, Conservatives are noticing a considerable difference between his and portrait and Obama’s.

While the portrait’s absence is largely symbolic, it may have practical repercussions for an administration that has gone head-to-head with career bureaucrats, portraying them as Obama-era holdovers or members of the “deep state” determined to block the president’s agenda.

When compared side-by-side the difference is pretty obvious. Trump is smiling and showing confidence, happy to lead the United States of America to success.

Obama however, is very negative and his eyes tell of a secret, he looks like an intense man on a mission. A mission to lead the country to destruction.

Obama tries to smile in his second official picture, but it’s obvious he’s faking it. Pictures tell a story, and these two pictures will be a part of America’s history.




As former first lady, Hillary Clinton has a picture too in the People’s house.

The die-hard Trump supporters, Kid Rock, Ted Nugent, and Sarah Palin were summoned to hang out in the white house after they showed their great support for President Trump.

But even after he was sworn in to office their support didn’t stop. They took pictures all day, but the most notable is the one in front of Hillary’s portrait.

The big news is Trump’s portrait was taken with a 10 year old Canon 1Ds Mark III DSLR. It doesn’t matter what camera you use but in a situation like this, using a 10 year old camera doesn’t seem to make much sense. Does it matter in this situation or not at all?

What do you think about the new portrait, how do you think it was shot?

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