Pence appears to mimic Trump in viral video

A video of President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence is making the rounds on social media after the pair appeared to mimic each other’s movements during a meeting Wednesday.

In the now-viral footage, the president can been seen removing a plastic water bottle from a table where he was sitting and placing it on the floor. Pence then immediately copies Trump’s actions.

I am laughing so goddamn hard at this video of Trump inexplicably putting his water bottle on the floor, and Pence immediately doing the same for no reason whatsoever.

— Jules Suzdaltsev (@jules_su) June 6, 2018
The footage garnered an overwhelming amount of responses from social media users online.

Didnt you ever play that game as a kid where you mirror EVERYTHING your sib or friend does until they whollop you?

— Barbara (@bigskybabs) June 6, 2018
A secret code, at the end Trump places the napkin on his lap. Kind of signaling something to somebody?

— Willie Rosario (@Salsacola) June 6, 2018
Trump’s looks to be empty. But that doesn’t explain Pence!

— Jennifer Hayden (@Scout_Finch) June 6, 2018
Trump and Pence visited the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., for a briefing on this year’s hurricane season.

“We’re entering it,” Trump said, according to ABC News. “We’re marshaling every available resource for every preparation for rapid response.”

Trump’s administration faces mounting pressure from congressional Democrats over his administration’s response to Hurricane Maria, which hit Puerto Rico leaving much of the island still without power.