O’Reilly Goes On Hannity’s Show And Reveals When He Will Be Coming Back To Fox News Permanently

Bill O’Reilly went on Sean Hannity’s radio show. During the interview Hannity asked O’Reilly to come back to Fox News. O’Reilly gave a very interesting answer.

“Look, we’re all natural competitors. We’re in the same industry. You were on radio. You were in TV. I’m on radio and in TV, and I guess there’s just this natural competition. So there’s kind of a schism and they kind of use that schism to sort of pick off one person at a time,” said Hannity.

“And ultimately, you’re right in this sense – their agenda is what they could never get done at the ballot box or electorally, what they could never get done legislatively or on television,” said Hannity.

“We crushed CNN and MSNBC, crushed them-” replied O’Reilly. “You want to come back? I think you should come back,” said Hannity. “I mean, I’m at the beach every day. You want to drag me back into the swamp, Hannity? Is that what you’re telling me to do?” responded O’Reilly. But Hannity didn’t give up.

“I think you want back in swamp and I think you’d love it back in the swamp. Look, I know you’re fans would like you back on, too. There’s not a day that goes by that people ask me, ‘How’s O’Reilly doing?’ ‘When is he coming back?’ Would you consider at some date coming back to Fox?” asked Hannity. “I mean, I don’t know. I have to get this legal stuff done. I have to get this investigation done. This is where I’m putting my energy,” said O’Reilly. Check out the interview below.