After MTV Plays ‘F**k Donald Trump’ Song They Get Worst News Ever From Fans

The one thing the radical left has yet to learn is “moderation” in that there’s a saturation point once achieved can no longer be absorbed, and it seems that after almost 11-months of continuous Trump bashing on those self-aggrandized celebrity award shows along with the constant drumming of the First Family by the unhinged Hollywood elites, the ratings are finally in, and what they’ve saying is that America has had enough!

However don’t take my word, simply observe the facts. On Sunday night MTV hosted the annual VMA awards show with Katy Perry who for whatever reason decided to turn herself into a more disgusting version of pop tart Miley Cyrus, if that’s possible.

And no sooner did the show began that it turned into a night of “Trump thumping” antics designed for adolescents, beginning with one unhinged celebrity after another, each attempting to out do the other with tasteless and crude jokes, moreover lacking any semblance of humorous creativity.

 Obviously, like almost everything on the celebrity scene today, MTV has dummy down to where it’s is no longer recognized as a cutting edge and “edgy” anti-establishment and trend-setting, music maverick entity, but rather a predictable politically correct organization, pretending to be what it no longer is.

The evening wore on and on with host Perry doing her best Glenn Close imitation taking indiscriminate shots at the president, including announcing to the audience that “this [show] is one election where the popular vote actually matters.” She also insinuated that the “world is on fire,” and that we’re all inching closer and closer to a world looking like The Handmaid’s Tale.

Moreover, if you think you’ve heard those anti-trump jokes before you probably have, perhaps the script is being passed around from one celebrity awards show to another

All and all a fairly predictable and boring evening, once again don’t take my word, simply look at the ratings which hit an all-time low, in a country with over 330-million people of which 42-million are between the ages of 10 to 19, which is the MTV demographics, their biggest night attracted only 5.4 million viewers.

 Do you think the general public has finally grown tired of the constant Trump bashing by the celebrity class?