MSNBC’s Joy Reid Just Said That Only White Males Support Trump, She Got Destroyed

Liberals’ stock in trade is making everything about race, and nowhere is this more than at liberal propaganda cable news channel MSNBC. Left-wing host Joy Reid even recently made the claim that only white males still support Trump, as though this were fact.

Reid pulled out all the stops when it comes to slams against Trump in an opinion piece, saying that his election was like “putting a human wrecking ball against political correctness, feminism, multiculturalism and even decency.” She then said, “He represents a return to an earlier time, when not just people of color, but women knew their place — which is not in the White House.”

She then suggested that Trump’s on;y supporters who are still propping him up are white men and especially uneducated ones. Stated Joy, “It’s no coincidence that Trump’s dismal but stable approval ratings, stuck in the upper 30s, are propped up solely by support from majorities of white men and white Americans without a college degree, while his numbers are middling among all white Americans and deeply under water with every one else.”

Joy then claimed, “‘Economic anxiety’ didn’t elect Trump. The desire of millions of Americans, from the farms to the suburbs, to see Mexican immigrants deported, a wall erected across the U.S. southern border and Muslims banned from entering this country did.” She added, “The America that clings to Confederate statues and flags, and that jealously guards the social privileges white Americans have long enjoyed, form the stalwarts of Trump’s base.”

Joy’s screed was not well-received. Said one Twitter user in response, “Such B.S. Those so called uneducated White Males, who voted for Trump were the same people that gave OBAMA 2 TERMS. Obama didn’t deliver.” Added another, “This women sees everything through the prism of race and hate.” Do you think narrow-minded Joy Reid needs to be fired?