MSNBC Reporter Defies Network, Just Slammed Lib Host On Air For Telling Trump-Russia Lie

igures in the liberal-biased media are still trying to breathe life into the tired conspiracy theory about President Donald Trump working with Russians to win the 2016 election. Thankfully, one host on MSNBC apparently decided she had had enough, and slammed another liberal reporter on air after she told a falsehood about Trump and Russia.

The latest liberal strategy to try and “nail” Trump for his alleged crimes is bringing up Facebook into the conversation and alleging that Russians bought ads on the social network with the express purpose of swaying the vote.

Said left-wing reporter Kasie Hunt on MSNBC, dutifully, “If you’re looking for collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians, the idea that there might have been somebody who understood that they need to talk to people in Wisconsin and Michigan could suggest that that collusion happened.” Unfortunately for Kasie, this argument doesn’t make sense because ad money was not focused on battleground states where Trump had a chance of winning.

Shot back MSNBC’s Carol Lee, proving what Kasie said was wrong, “What we know from two people familiar with these Facebook ads, they tell NBC News that the list of states that these Russian-tied ads targeted during the campaign includes not just Michigan and Wisconsin, which has been reported, but also Maryland, New York, California, Texas, Ohio, and Missouri.”

She continued, “What it suggests is there was not necessarily what you would consider a traditional presidential politics targeting. States like California and New York are not states that are in play.” Joking, Carol added, “If there was a Republican operative guiding the hand of Russia in targeting these ads, that person should be fired. Because this is not how you would necessarily target ads if you were trying to get a Republican candidate — or even a Democratic candidate — to win.” Are you glad Carol set Kasie straight? Watch below: