McCain Praises Sen. Jeff Flake As A Hero After Speech Insulting President Trump

Arizona senator Jeff Flake announced that he would not run for senate in 2018 and then went on a long rant against President Trump. After his anti-Trump speech, Senator John McCain had huge praise for him.

“Mr. President, I rise to say enough. I rise today with no small measure of regret. Regret, because of the state of our disunion, regret because of the disrepair and destructiveness of our politics, regret because of the indecency of our discourse,” said Flake.

“Regret because of the coarseness of our leadership, regret for the compromise of our moral authority, and by our — all of our — complicity in this alarming and dangerous state of affairs. It is time for our complicity and our accommodation of the unacceptable to end,” he continued.

Everyone has been insulting President Trump. But according to John McCain, this was a brave move. “It’s very hard for me to add to the eloquence of my dear friend from Arizona,” said McCain.

“But I do want to say that it has been one of the great honors of my life to serve with a man of integrity, honor, decency and commitment to not only Arizona but to the United States of America. I have seen Jeff Flake stand up for what he believes in, knowing full well there would be a political price to pay,” said McCain. Check out the video below.