Mark Cuban Reveals If He Will Be Running For President In 2020 In Shocking Speech

Billionaire Shark Tank star and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been extremely critical of President Trump ever since he started his campaign. Mark Cuban offered to be Trump’s vice President at one point in the campaign and Trump rejected him. Perhaps he is still sore. In an interview with TMZ’s Harvey Levin they discussed whether or not Cuban will be running for President in 2020.

“I think we’re going into a time where you need somebody who can connect to people and relate to people, and I think I qualify on each of those. Now, whether or not I’ll do it, it’s a big decision,” said Cuban.

“You sound like a candidate,” responded Levin. “I’m a concerned American citizen,” responded Cuban. “Well, so am I, but I’m not a candidate,” said Levin.

“I wouldn’t run unless I have solutions. If I have solutions, then I have something to offer. If I don’t, you won’t see me anywhere near being a politician,” responded Cuban. Not a complete yes or no, but after the interview Levin said he felt their was an “extremely good chance” that Cuban will run for president.

“My sense is there is an extremely good chance Mark Cuban is going to run for president of the United States,” said Levin. Check out the interview below.