Look What This State Just Voted To Give Black People For Free Now America!

Today’s headlines made me think I was reading Bernie’s left over campaign.

If you remember, in the Sanders presidential campaign the terms “free tuition” and “free education” were pretty common.

We, The Conservatives, didn’t have time to explain to every Sanders supporter how the Free Market actually works. The idea of free tuition would go nowhere, other than a giant recession for America.

In today’s news – black Americans will get free tuition. The headline should have been “reparations for slavery”.. This is probably going to hurt America in the long run.

Great job, liberals! You made something worse, by trying to improve it!

Campus reform reports:

The Western Kentucky University student government voted Tuesday in favor of reparations for black students in the form of free tuition.

The resolution, which passed by a vote of 19-10-0, recommends that the university acknowledge slavery as a “debt that will never be paid” and offer free tuition to black students.

In addition, the resolution asks that a special task force be created to look into test-optional admissions and admissions weighting based on geographical location, which in theory would make it easier for black students to apply and be accepted to WKU.

It’s a good thing that Western Kentucky University for addressing the evils of slavery, Props to them.

But you can’t fix the effects of slavery by stealing from other people. If black Americans don’t pay for their tuition, that means that the tuition for other students is going to get higher, because someone else is going to have to pay for the free tuition.

First of all making something free, usually makes it worth less in the minds of people getting it.

That actually makes sense, If you get something for free, you take it for granted; if you have to pay for it, then you value it more.

Slavery is theft – you are taking someone’s life and breath against their will. However, you are just going to end up creating new problems, if you try to solve slavery by taking money and time from others

Liberals should make this their slogan – ‘we make old problems new again.’