KARMA: Odell Beckham Injured After “Peeing” on the Field on National TV

As we all remember few week ago President Trump publicly came forward and condemned the national anthem protests that have been happening from the start of the NFL season.

As a result, to his comments many players and team decided to take a knee during the anthem, but one player took it even further, the New York Giants star Odell Beckham Jr.

On September 24, during the game between the Giants and their longtime rivals Philadelphia Eagles, Beckham stole all the attention by bending on all fours and imitating a pose in which male dogs pee as a way to celebrate a touchdown. After scoring the second touchdown, he raised a defiant “black power” fist in the end zone.

Later Beckham said that his peeing pose was meaningless, but after CNN editor pointed out that it could have been a reference to Trump’s “S.O.B.’s” comment, Beckham agreed.

It seems that this weekend karma hit Beckham back.

During the game with Los Angeles Chargers, Beckham was injured and had to be carried out of the field in tears.

Whit only 4 minutes till the end, Beckham jumped for a pass and fell down with Casey Howard breaking his ankle.

To be clear, we are not happy about Beckham’s injury one bit, and we are sending our prayers to him, to have a successful surgery and recovery.

But seeing how all this played out, some will say his injury was karma hitting him back for all his disgraceful behavior.

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