After Julienne Davis Revealed She Is Conservative Many Of Her Friends “Unfriended” Her

Julienne Davis, the actress that appeared in “Eyes Wide Shut” and “Doctor Who,” for the first time publicly announced on Fox News, that she is a conservative.

She wrote:

“About a year ago I made one of the more risky decisions of my life – one that I knew could hurt my career as an actress. I decided to come out of the conservative closet and admit to my peers that I was a conservative in Hollywood.”

“Yes, hard as it is for some to believe, not everyone in the entertainment industry on the Left Coast is a left-winger.”

The people around her immediately started to change their behavior towards her, and Davis realized that she has two options:

“Option 1: I could start apologizing to all my Hollywood liberal friends and associates who’d been shocked by my writing and tell them: “I didn’t really mean it … it was a paid gig and I was simply doing it for the work.”

“Option 2: I could have the courage of my convictions and continue down the conservative path.”.

Even though she knew that choosing the second option will provoke others to call her a racist, misogynist, and Trump supporter, she decided to choose it.

“Since then I haven’t fared well. My “unfriendings” on social media have been many — from acquaintances and close working associates to good friends — including even my best friend. It is interesting to note that all of them just stopped calling and quietly “ghosted” me, and then later unfriended me.”

“Unfriendings aside, the written and very public insults from Hollywood peers on social media and elsewhere have been numerous. I’ve been attacked with obscenities, called a racist, and had one person tell me he hoped I would die.”

Davis stated that unfriending started to happen after the events in Charlottesville, saying that the media close to liberals connected Nazis with Trump supporters. The people who unfriend her watched the reports and concluded that she, like other Trump supporters, is racist as well.

She had a perfect explanation how Hollywood community works:

“Members of the Hollywood left don’t want to listen, discuss, or even see a dissenting viewpoint that challenges their own comfortable echo chamber.”

“It’s ironic that an industry that constantly talks about diversity is so judgmental, hateful and utterly rigid in its groupthink.”

One of her associates that cooperated with her on the same film said, “Oh, we’re still friends … I just couldn’t be your friend on Facebook.”

This is only an example why other people are scared to talk publicly about their conservative standings, frighten about what might happen to their careers.

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