Judge Napolitano Exposes The Truth Of Why Las Vegas The Shooter Is Not A Terrorist, Liberals Are Pissed

ver since the shooting at Las Vegas, liberals have been eager to call this a white terrorist attack. Why? Because then they can claim that white people are just as bad as Muslims and justify letting millions of refugees into our country. For example Vox wrote an article called “White American men are a bigger domestic terrorist threat than Muslim foreigners.”

The article claims that white people in America kill more people than Muslims do in America. However, there are currently 235 million white people and 3 million Muslims here. Proportionally, Muslims kill way more than white people. Liberals are now calling Conservatives ‘racist’ for not calling the Vegas shooting a terrorist attack.

Judge Napolitano describes perfectly why this attack is not a terrorist attack. “Congress enacted the Anti-Terrorism Act which said that terrorism is two or more acts of violence done in order to affect the policy of the government, that is, for political reasons,” explained Napolitano on Fox.

“Had he survived this, had he not killed himself, had the SWAT team captured him, he would have been subject to the death penalty because there is a death penalty in Nevada,” explained Napolitano. But to call it a ‘terrorist attack’ “you’d have to show the political motive.”

Napolitano also discussed how the shooter altered his guns. “Any person familiar with a gun would know how to change it. But the act of changing it is a felony. So at the time he bought it, it was legal. At the time he used it, it was criminal,” he said. Check out the video below.