Johnny Depp Hits Movie Star Rock Bottom — Guess How Much He Owes

Johnny Depp has wasted away hundreds of millions of dollars in epic fashion and has just about reached rock bottom — for a movie star, at least.

At one time the “Pirates of the Caribbean” was the proud owner of 14 properties around the world and an extravagant yacht to top it off. But after spending his $650 million in earnings over just a 13-year-span he’s been forced to sell some of his real estate and even worse he’s now selling his Kentucky horse farm at auction.

Depp’s 41-acre property in Lexington, complete with a 6,000-square-foot home, a guesthouse and three horse barns will be sold at auction next month, according to The Lexington Herald-Leader. The auction is set for September 15 and will be conducted by Halfhill Auction Group.

Depp, who is a Kentucky native, originally purchased the property in 1995. The 53-year-old actor later sold the farm in 2001 and bought it back again in 2005, according to Page Six.

The movie star’s self-inflicted financial crisis then led to him listing the farm for sale again in December with an original asking price of $3.4 million, but later dropped to $2.9 million.

Depp is in an ongoing legal battle with his former financial advisors from The Management Group over his truly impressive loss of wealth. Back when they were still advising him, Depp began unloading his worldwide properties in an attempt to save him from financial ruin, but that clearly didn’t work out as planned.