Hurricane Survivor Orders Essentials Online, Shocked To See What Was In The Box

When one young man from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, learned that Hurricane Irma is approaching towards his home, he got prepared by ordering some essentials online. Anyhow, when the products came, he was shocked when he saw what was in the box.

Brian Humphreys decided to get prepared so he ordered some hurricane supplies from Kmart online so that he could escape the crowds at the stores. However, when the package arrived he was shocked by what was inside the box.

So, he decided to share what he found in the box on social media. And obviously, the people were stunned by what the Kmart employees put in his box. Along with his order items, Brian received a simple card inside his package, but that wasn’t what people were shocked about. The Kmart workers decided to include little something in the card.
 “I ordered some hurricane supplies from Kmart online,” Brian posted on Facebook. “When the box arrived I found this card inside from the employees at the Kmart in Hillsboro, Ohio. There really are some awesome people in the world,” he wrote, along with pictures of what he found.
“Just thought it might cheer you to know that someone’s been thinking of you…” was written on the card. When he opened the card, $25 fell, and the message continued, “And wishing you Floridians brighter, better tomorrow. From 4 employees from Kmart in Hillsboro, Ohio. P.S. We wish it was more!”

Although It’s painful to see all the mess and terror that the hurricanes left behind them, there is one good thing, the kindness that has come out of it. People from whole nation has done something to help other. Some people even traveled thousands of miles to come and help the affected people.
In a crisis like these, we can see the good in people, and it seems there is a lot of kindness around the world much more than we thought there was. Maybe the media won’t show us this picture, but thanks to social media we can be informed, so don’t forget to pass this story on.

When you get the opportunity to provide a selfless act of kindness, have in mind that not only you will make someone smile, but also you will prove that there is still kindness in the world. God has made us the best version we can be and has given us the ability to sympathize with others and do good to put a smile on their face.

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