Hannity Goes All Out Against Sen. Flake With A Brutal Takedown For His Speech Against Trump

senator Jeff Flake made headlines when he announced he would not be running for senate in 2018, and then for delivering an extremely anti-Trump speech. While John McCain acted like Flake was a hero, Sean Hannity explained why Flake is actually a coward.

“Here’s a simple truth: all three of these guys [Corker, Flake and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)] — they’re inept, they’re ineffective, they have completely failed to deliver on the promises they made to their constituents and you the American people for years,” said Hannity.

“These guys have accomplished nothing, and others like Ben Sasse, too. And you know what? All they’re doing here is standing in the way of enacting an agenda to help move the country forward, what the people voted for last November. And they’re trying to be martyrs in the process,” said Hannity.

“You guys want to be martyrs? You go right ahead. Here’s my answer to all of you tonight: Good riddance, happy trails, don’t let the door hit you on the way out of town,” said Hannity.

Fox’s Laura Ingraham hit Flake with some brutal criticism as well. “There’s one thing we should remember,” she said. “In listening to what we heard today from Jeff Flake — if you didn’t hear his voice, this could be a speech that was delivered by Nancy Pelosi. This could have been a speech that was delivered by Chuck Schumer. Almost everything with the press is focusing on –it’s not that he’s that conscious of the conservative movement. It’s the tone, the vitriol, the this, the that. He lost,” said Ingraham.