Greg Gutfeld Crushes MSNBC’s ‘Creepy’ Anchor Nicolle Wallace After She Calls Trump Supporters A ‘Disgrace’

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace tweeted that her Republican ‘friends’ think that Trump is a disgrace and but they are afraid to speak up. However, she offered no evidence of this and Fox News Greg Gutfeld was not afraid to call her out.

“To all my republican friends who think they can sit out the Trump era and hope for great SCOTUS picks, your time is up. Trump is a disgrace who is debasing the office. You whisper it off the record and you email me your disgust. Time to stand up+speak out,” tweeted Wallace.

“Oh i agree so much that …. why don’t YOU name those who whisper it off the record, and email you in disgust? Prove they exist, List them now. (toe tapping)” responded Gutfeld. “You really are exactly as my dear pals at Fox decribe [sic]” responded Wallace rather than listing them now.

“What? An irresistible, cuddly intellect who can spell the word “describe?”” responded Gutfeld. “Exactly. Why do you sound so worried? Have you ever treated any of your colleagues in a way that you wouldn’t want me to know about? I’m a sh*tty speller. We both know you’re not exactly beloved as a selfless promoter of your peers,” responded Wallace. Still not showing any evidence of her claims.

“ok, this person is officially creepy,” responded Gutfeld. That comment definitely got under her skin.
“I’ve never met you. I’ve never tweeted at you. I’ve never mentioned you on tv – you started tweeting at me at 11 pm last night. Someone is creepy. I don’t think it’s me but I leave that to others. Get a pet. Or a Netflix subscription,” responded Wallace.