Gold Star Family Appeared on CNN With a Heartbreaking Statement!

In an attempt to attack President Trump, CNN invited the parents of one soldier who died on the battlefield. And it was one of the most heartbreaking interviews.

Gold Star family, Sheila and Calvin Murphy, talked about their son, Etienne Murphy, 22, who lost his life in Syria.

Alisyn Camerota asked Sheila Murphy if she got a letter or call from President Trump and Murphy had one incredible answer.

“No I haven’t but it’s OK,” she said. “It doesn’t matter if I hear from the White House or not, because it’s not really … about a call or letter.”

Murphy said that all it matters is for people to remember her son and what he did for this country adding that no Gold Star family carries if they receive a call from the White House.

“The worst thing I have ever been called is a Gold Star mom,” she said.

But Camerota couldn’t let go.

“I know that you, you wrote a letter to the White House, I think,” she said. “What did you want the president to know about your son?”

“I just wanted him to not forget my son,” she said. “And I actually thank President Trump for ordering the air strike in Syria but it wasn’t enough to save my child. I have no hard feelings towards anyone.”

Sheila Murphy was in tears the entire interview.

Camerota then asked the her “how can we help you?” And Murphy gave one sentence answer.

“If you could just give me my son back,” she said.

Gold Star families have been the center of the attention this week since Democrat Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson used one family to help her attack, President Trump. Wilson said Trump behavior was heartless towards the soldier’s wife and wanted to present him like he doesn’t care about veterans.

But the truth is opposite, she is the one who doesn’t care about veterans, records show that she voted many times against legislation which would’ve helped veterans and their families.

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