Fox’s Tammy Bruce Blasts Jealous “Harpies” Who Are Attacking Melania For Wearing High Heels

The liberal media launched a vicious attack against Melania Trump for wearing high heels onto a plane to the Texas. According to them, it is inappropriate for a woman to wear such nice shoes to a hurricane. They must have been devastated when Melania exited the plane and revealed that she had changed into sneakers during the flight.

“With so much going on in Houston and around the world, you’d think the press would have more to worry about than what the First Lady wears, but nooooo,” said Tucker Carlson. “Clearly a lot of sexism going on there. But you know what it’s really based in, they’re harpies. They’re jealous and they’re envious,” said Fox Contributor Tammy Bruce on Carlson’s show.

“Melania trump is a woman who is dressed always appropriately based on the circumstance … the Trump haters, people who prefer to think badly of other people are going to do this. I think they just want to kind of bring other people down. The American people see that for what it is but I think obviously most of us are very proud of the first lady,” Bruce said.

Carlson pointed out how often liberals say an attack on one woman if an attack on all women in response to Conservatives.

 “I think that of course they’re being hypocritical. And they say that when it works for them. At the same time you’ve got Melania Trump who really does exemplify the nature of someone who is doing what she wants to do, is in charge of her environment, is proud of her appearance. Knows what it’s like and chooses to approach being first lady in a way that can make all of us proud,” said Tammy. Check out the video below.