Don Lemon Panel Accuses Trump Supporters Of Snorting “Crack” And Making A “Deal With The Devil”

CNN is sinking lower and lower with their attacks against President Trump. On Don Lemon’s show he accused President Trump’s supporters of snorting “political crack” and making a “deal with the devil.”

“Look, I was going to say thank God that the president addressed this, Don, because I know that this is what keeps every single American up at night. This is a huge problem in the country. So I’m glad the president is focusing on it. I’m being facetious,” said CNN contributor Maria Cardona.

“Political crack to his base. Why do you say that?” asked Don Lemon. “Yes. It is absolutely political crack to his base,” responded Cardona.

“Because, to Margaret’s point, the audience that he was speaking to today eats it up. And what is so ironic about the words that have been used today is they’re absolutely right. It is a moral compromise. I would go even further. These Christian values voters have made a deal with the devil,” she said.

“This is a president who during the campaign said he has never even asked God for forgiveness and didn’t even know what that little white wafer thing is and so this is also a group–and this is what I think makes him going to speak to this group, you know, kind of historic and not in a good way,” said Cardona. Check out the video below.