Dallas Cowboys Owner Officially Banned His Players From Protesting The Anthem

Jerry Jones, the Dallas Cowboys owner, officially banned his players from protesting the anthem. The devoted owner has been very tolerant up till now and now decided to put an end to it.

Unlike the others, he refused to have the media attention just because his players are disrespectful of the anthem. He believes that the Cowboys stand for patriotism, even their nickname is “America’s team.”

Jones said that if any player decided to protest the anthem, he will be gone. The players are complaining about this, and don’t think that owners should be able to fire them for protesting the anthem.

Doug Baldwin, a Seattle Seahawks player, stated that NFL owners “have told their players to do specific things or to not do specific things… regarding the national anthem and the protests.”

He believes that Jones’s threat was “egregious.”

Baldwin is just another disrespectful player, he only wants the media spotlight and doesn’t care about being a helpful society member.

“The one quote that I was informed of was, ‘you’re going to stand on the line with your hand on your heart and you’re going to sing the National Anthem because this is my stage,’” reportedly said Baldwin.
Jones has been a loud critic of the national anthem protest, saying it is a disappointment.

“We strongly, strongly support the flag in every way we support – and it’s almost ridiculous to be saying – the people that for generations and generations that have given it all up so that we can get out on television.”

The people are overreacting about his decision, he has all the rights to implement new rules, and if someone doesn’t like it they can go.

Jason Garrett, the head coach of the Cowboys, agrees with Jones.

“There’s no question in my mind. The national anthem is sacred. Our flag is sacred. And our team has demonstrated that.” he said to reporters at Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, Calif.

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