CNN Defends Islamic Terrorist Against President Trump For Saying He’s An “Animal”

President Trump called the psychological militant who slaughtered 8 individuals in New York City a ‘creature’. This ought to be sound judgment. However, shockingly, CNN hurried to guard the psychological militant against President Trump’s mean assault.

“I would state it’s stunning yet it’s not, on the grounds that consistently he says things that no other president has ever stated, and that are truly stunning,” said CNN expert Paul Callan.

That wasn’t CNN’s just silly remark of the day. They additionally assaulted Trump for saying they ought to send the psychological militant to Gitmo. As per CNN examiner Juliette Kayyem, on the off chance that we do that then the psychological oppressors win.

“There is nothing extraordinary about the proof, nothing unique about the courts that would kind of legitimize, regardless of the possibility that you could legitimately, taking it to Guantanamo Bay. Along these lines, I think the president is making a political contention, not a legitimate contention. One fast thing, on the off chance that you need the fear based oppressors to win, you have them desert our legal framework, which is the envy of the world. This is a case that the New York legal framework can deal with, the government legal framework can deal with,” she said.