CNN busted when sharp-eyed viewers notice something odd about this “rescue”

“Fake news.” Two words that were hardly ever put together in the same sentence a mere matter of months ago are now uttered and typed thousands of times a day. On multiple occasions Donald Trump has stood in front of reporters from CNN and called them “fake news”, he’s lambasted the network on his Twitter feed and essentially gone on a crusade against the one-time cable news giant.

It’s not just Trump. Thanks to the internet, millions and millions of eyes are trained onto and looking out for biased if not outright false reporting, and CNN has once again gotten busted for faking a story — and this one is of the most sickening variety.

CNN has been caught leveraging an unfolding natural disaster, Hurricane Harvey, to push its own false narrative.

 With the whole world watching the tragic loss of life and property in Texas, CNN corespondent Drew Griffin decided to play the role of hero and assist in the saving of a man in distress, which on the surface is certainly worthy of applause.

But then the ever watchful eyes of the internet began to pick up on some inconsistencies that point to the whole thing having been a faked set up.Twitter user referring to himself as RedPill “Journalist/Reporter for Goldwater, Connoisseur of Truth, Logic, Reason” noticed a few strange things about the supposed ‘rescue’ — first and foremost being that Griffin seems to have squeezed in a wardrobe change during the ‘tense seconds’ while saving a man.

See for yourself:

Redpill then took the video and broke it down into byte-sized segments to highlight the obvious fake:

The ensuing Twitter storm was brutal on CNN, deservedly so with one tweeter asking “@realDonaldTrump why are U guys still allowing @cnn a WH press pass?”  And with RedPill himself sarcastically pointing out how Griffin was professional enough to keep a microphone on him while saving a man’s life.

Of course this isn’t the first time CNN has been busted faking it. While reporting on the Cleveland kidnapping story in 2013 CNN was busted faking a supposed “satellite interview” between anchor Nancy Grace (allegedly in Cleveland) and reporter Ashleigh Banfield (allegedly in Phoenix) when in fact they were in the same parking lot.

That particular embellishment while embarrassing for the network was nevertheless somewhat harmless. But with the eyes of the world watching the drama unfolding in Texas, with rescuers working themselves to the point of dropping from exhaustion and the sheer scope of human tragedy taking place, the very idea that CNN (or anyone else) would exploit the victims of this disaster is beyond the pale even for that beleaguered outfit.

As Rush Limbaugh’s voiceover guy says, “They used to get away with it.”  Used to.  CNN just doesn’t seem to be learning. The internet is watching and the more we see, the more we’re believing Trump is right. “You are fake news.”