CNN Admits That Them And ‘Most’ Democratic Leaders Are ‘Beholden’ To Weinstein

Every since the start of the 2016 election, it has been incredibly obvious how bought off Hillary Clinton and the rest of the Democrats really are. CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jeff Zeleny pretty much admits this, and that one of the main buyers is Hollywood sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.

“Largely, it was an open secret, though, in all these circles, his behavior. And the reality is, California is the biggest and most flush ATM for Democratic politics in this country. He stood at the center of that,” said Zeleny.

“Nancy Pelosi, add her name to this list as well. She put out a very short statement on this. But the reality is, most of the leaders of the Democratic Party are beholden to him, have been beholden to him, and she still is the leader of the House Democrats here,” said Zeleny.

“Why not get out and give an interview, give a press conference? I mean, they have personal relationships with Harvey Weinstein. This is hypocrisy this week, no doubt. Because this was not a secret,” said Zeleny.

How many people do you think knew about Weinstein the whole time, and how many Democrats in Congress will Weinstein still be able to buy off?