BREAKING: Thanks To Trump, 3 Steel Mills, 2 Coal Mines To Open In West Virginia

Liberals love to attack Donald Trump’s efforts to revitalize our natural resource industries. They say the U.S. steel industry is dead. Coal is dead. Manufacturing is dead. Everything that they don’t like is “dead.”

Well, Donald Trump and a few business owners are proving everyone wrong. The Charleston Gazette announced on Sunday that steel mills in Bluefield, Warrenton, and Coal Town will be opening “full force” in 2018.

Anderson Steel says their new plant in Bluefield will create more than 6,700 jobs. In addition, Coal Town’s Silversmith Industries will be reopening their plant that was shuttered in 1998 – a move that will create “more than 2,300 jobs” according to the Gazette. Warrenton expects Ace Industries’ steel refinery to bring 1,300 jobs to the small mountain community.

In addition, coal mines in Bluefield and Morgantown will be reopened in “late 2018.” The Gazette did not name which companies are involved.

“President Trump gives us the confidence to once again expand this almost forgotten but important industry,” says Ace Industries CEO Benjamin Bluth. “Steel can thrive, but we have to be able to price our product competitively. President Trump is a leader who will give us the opportunity to bring back American steel, and we are proud to be at the forefront of this move towards a brighter future.”

“This is something you would not see under President Obama or even President Bush,” Silversmith COO Martin Black told the Gazette. “Donald Trump is a new kind of politician who cares about creating jobs for the people.”

This is just one more way that President Trump is working to make America great again. We have a brighter future ahead, patriots!