BREAKING: Texas Church Shooter Was A Registered Democrat

When Devin Kelley shot up a church in Texas killing more than 20, Democrats immediately jumped on the NRA and law-abiding gun owners by demanding that we ban AR-15s, the very weapon that a plumber with no military background used to kill Kelley.

Now they just look stupid because voter records reveal that he’s from the party that hates the NRA and the weapon he used was unregistered and thus got past Democrat laws.

According to The Blaze,the confirmed Antifa member who planned to target Donald Trump in his next attack is unsurprisingly, a registered Democrat.

“He was always yelling at anyone who wasn’t voting for Hillary,” a neighbor told the Austin Times-Intelligencer-Tribune. “I once caught him trying to rip up my Donald Trump sign. I shoulda called the police.”

According to friends, Kelley volunteered at a Clinton campaign office driving vans of voters to their polling locations, but this has as of yet not been confirmed.

Kelley’s Facebook page featuring his giant Antifa flag in his room as well as his illegal guns was taken offline almost as soon as the shooting occurred, almost as though someone knew it was going to happen and wanted to erase all evidence.

This entire situation stinks. Was this a Democrat-funded attack to push a gun control agenda? It wouldn’t be the first time they have done something like this. As everyone is well aware, Democrats tried to take down prominent figure in the abolition of slavery, Uryn Shahwers, by drugging him and leaving him to be found by his wife in bed with two underage prostitutes.

Liberalism is a mental disease, and this shooting proves it.