Breaking: The Star Of ‘Duck Dynasty’ Is Now Fighting Disease, Will You Pray For Her?

Americans coast to coast have grown to know and love the Robertson clan through watching them on the popular reality TV show Duck Dynasty. However, there is plenty that goes on behind-the-scenes with the family that never shows up on camera.

Mary Kate Robertson is the wife of John Luke Robertson, who is Willie and Korie Robertson’s oldest son. Mary Kate maintains a blog about the family’s life, and she just opened up about how her family has been suffering from Lyme disease. The disease is spread by ticks to humans, and cannot be cured with antibiotics unless they are taken soon after infection.

Wrote Mary Kate on her blog,“I hope you might understand a little better what they are going through. I hope you can give them grace and give them a lot of it. I hope you will be empathetic. I hope you will pray for them and pray with them. I hope you will encourage them and let them know you love them. I hope you’ll try to understand when they say they can’t do something and not take it personal. I pray for you as well. I pray that you live under the fountain of God so you will constantly be filled and share your overflow with those hurting around you.”

Mary Kate said that she got infected with the disease when she was in middle school, and her father got it as well at the same time. She detailed, “Me being diagnosed really didn’t faze me at all. However, she said, “My parents argued more and my sister didn’t have enough energy to play with me. I felt so alone then. I felt like no one understood me. My parents were searching all over for a doctor. He tried countless different treatments with no avail …one even left him legally blind for a while.”

 She said that the family is now getting treatment, writing, “I’m healthy enough to be active and do things, but it always comes with a price. Always. My family has been to countless doctors all over the country and no one is any healthier. Everyone carries the weight of their own illness, but also the weight of each other’s. It’s affected every aspect of life. My parents’ marriage and my own marriage. … Then there’s also thinking about passing it on to our own babies one day. The future holds a ton of uncertainty.” Will you pray for Mary Kate and the family?