BREAKING: Paul Ryan Won’t Seek Re-Election

Paul Ryan has joined the wave of ‘traditional” Republicans driven out by the thought of a primary challenge against a true patriot endorsed by Trump. The election last week was a clear indicator that those who oppose Donald Trump will be run into the ground.

Ryan, who hasn’t even begun campaigning for 2018 yet and is already down 14 points in polling, had two choices: Exit gracefully or be humiliated at the polls.

Ryan’s challenger now has the uphill battle of facing the liberal voter fraud machines owned by George Soros that Wisconsin refuses to get rid of. A report by Conservative Truth Times Daily showed that Wisconsin has almost as much voter fraud as Illinois.

n other election news, the Muslim from New Jersey who tried to cancel Christmas is on his way to impeachment and the transvestite who won a seat in Virginia, it turns out, is a shopaholic with a 512 credit rating. These are the “heroes” of the Democrat party.