BREAKING: Obama Made MILLIONS On Cuba Fiasco

Everyone knew it was a bad idea to cozy up to Cuba, but Barack Obama seemed oddly determined to become best friends with the small Communist country.

As always if you want to know why you only need to follow the dollar signs, and Obama sure made a lot of them when he ended the embargo on Cuban cigars and rum.

According to Obama’s 2012 disclosure forms, he owns stock in Romeo Y Juilieta Cigar Factory in La Habana, Partagas Lonsdale (one of the top Cuban cigar makers), as well as other companies that benefited from his one-sided favor to Cuba.

This, sadly, is exactly the sort of thing we all expect of Obama, but he placed our country in danger and lessened our stature in the world just so he could make millions of dollars on cigar sales. Fox Business estimates that Obama has made more than $9.3 million off of the stock market since Donald Trump became President.

It is of course illegal for any politician to use his power for personal gain, but that’s all that Obama Clinton and their friends know how to do.