BREAKING: NFL To Stop Playing The National Anthem

An NFL insider has leaked to a small sports magazine in New York City that the league’s Board of Football Operations has voted to suspend the playing of the National Anthem at games until further notice:

“Rather than require people to give up their constitutional right to peaceably assemble, the National Football League has decided to remove the distraction rather than the players.

Football is played by people, not flags or songs. Our players are the best in the world at what they do and deserve to be respected for that. Denigrating them because of a song that has no law requiring it be played and no penalty for playing without it is unnacceptable. They should not and will not be treated so poorly.

  • Individual teams will have the right to play the anthem at their discretion, but players are NOT to be on the field until it is complete.”

    The league basically sided with thuggery. They sided against our veterans and dishonored our dead. Hundreds of thousands of men have died so we can stand and sing that song, not kneel and complain about it.

The ripple effects have already been spreading across the country, with teams already discussing their plans. So far, according to our source, Only the Cowboys, Steelers, Raiders, Bears and Lions have committed to NOT allowing patriotism in their stadiums. Those teams all need to be boycotted.

The league posted its lowest rating ever this weekend after a short spike during the playing of the anthem around the league. As soon as people saw teams not show or take a knee, they switched over to Creature Double Feature.