BREAKING: Miami Dolphins Fire BLM Players Who Kneeled During Sunday’s Game

The Miami Dolphins have finally found their balls and decided having a team full of black lives matter terrorists isn’t good for business. On Wednesday the team announced that the three men who disrespected the Flag and our National Anthem before Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints are off the team. Dolphins owner Ted Klansky told reporters:

The Miami Dolphins Organization will not tolerate anti-American thugs on our team. Therefore, we have fired Jaquan Blackman, Tyrone Williamson and Jathen Freedmen. In addition to releasing these troublemakers from our great American football team, we want to let all rookies know that ANTI-TRUMP KNEELING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! If you want to exercise your rights you can take that nonsense somewhere else, it has no place here.
Hallelujah! It’s about time one of these darn NFL teams stood up for American values. This country was born on the freedoms granted to us by the Flag. We cannot allow black lives matter terrorists to come in and try to change our ways.
Mr. Klansky knows what is truly important and we couldn’t be happier that he put those people in their place. The rest of the NFL better take note because if they do not start whipping their players there won’t be a National Football League left. After all how can they call themselves a “national” team when they are standing up for our nationalist ideals?!

Thank you, Mr. Klansky. You are a true patriot.