BREAKING: Media KNEW Trump’s Wiretap Claim Was TRUE, Lied to the Public

Looks like the mainstream media is continuing their sick pattern of altering the truth to suit their agenda.

The truth is that the media knew Trump was telling the truth when he accused the Obama administration of wiretapping Trump Tower, but decided to ignore the glaring evidence and lie to the public.

We’ve seen the media defend Obama from any criticism in the past, and this is no different.

Now, as the lying press continues to push their anti-Trump message, they’re finding it more difficult to shield Obama from his past.

From Breitbart

President Trump’s total vindication over his wiretap claim reminds me of one of the most important things I have discovered over the past couple of years: If the national media loses its ever-loving mind and launches a campaign to brand Trump a liar, that can mean only one thing — that Trump is not only telling the truth, he is telling a Big Truth, an inconvenient truth, a truth the MSM does not want the American people to hear.

Almost exactly two years ago this sick pattern developed over then-candidate Trump’s assertion that he had seen “thousands” of American Muslims celebrate the September 11 terror attacks. For weeks after, every media outlet in America trashed Trump as a racist and liar. What we eventually learned, though, is that Trump was 100% correct; that at the time, local media reported on “swarms” of American Muslims celebrating 9/11, and that for more than a decade our media had bent over backwards to cover this disturbing truth up.

Which brings me to Trump’s March 4 tweet-storm claiming the Obama administration wiretapped his campaign.

Ever since, despite the fact that the MSM knew Trump told the truth, despite the fact that the MSM itself had previously reported on the Obama administration’s wiretaps and surveillance of Team Trump, the media has coordinated another campaign to brand Trump a liar.

In fact, to the surprise of absolutely no one, the MSM is STILL lying about this. For example, here is CNN’s Chris Cillizza today using about a million words to try to write around his own network’s report from yesterday about the Obama administration’s wiretaps — before and after the election — on no less than Trump’s campaign chairman(!), Paul Manafort – including a renewed FISA warrant (despite no evidence from the 2014 one) that extended into early this year — you know, when Trump was a sitting president.

Regardless, the news of Obama’s abuse of surveillance power was all over the MSM early this year, in The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, McClatchy, NBC News, ABC News, the BBC, CBS News, the Associated Press. Prior to Trump’s March 4 tweets, each of these news outlets informed the American people that the Obama administration had in some way used the mighty powers of the federal government to spy on Team Trump, including outright “wiretaps.”