BREAKING: Malia Obama’s Defense Of Harvey Weinstein Is As Disgusting As Her Mom’s Face

Many are wondering why Barack Obama is so silent about Hollywood liberal Harvey Weinstein’s current sexual harassment firestorm, but it’s really not all that surprising since his daughter just spent her summer interning with decades-running sexual abuser.

 While our former Traitor-in-Chief won’t say anything about Weinstein, his daughter Malia has broken her silence on the issue. She could have spoken about things she probably saw first-hand. She could have denounced Weinstein. She could have done a lot of things. What she did do, though,  was defend the indefensible. Via the Harvard Sentinel:

Malia tells the Sentinel that Harvey Weinstein was an “excellent boss” who “treated everyone with respect.”

The campus’ new resident says that when she spent the summer interning with Weinstein, who was recently fired from his own company, “not one inappropriate comment was made to anyone.”

The eldest Obama daughter contends that the allegations against Weinstein are “fake news” and that “the truth will come out in time.”

Malia Obama claims to be a feminist, but when a family friend is caught doing unspeakable things to women she suddenly is OK with it.